Guidelines for Abstract Preparation and Submission

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  •   Abstract Submission (Closed)

  • Abstract Preparation

    • Please prepare your abstract strictly 150 to 250 words on A4 size paper as per the template provided.
    The abstract may include the following in the brief (may be 2-4 sentences about each).

    • Background or Introduction
    • Objectives
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusion
    • 3 to 5 Keywords

    Paper Preparation

    Please prepare your draft paper as per the template provided.
    Your paper should consist of,

    • Title,
    • Author’s Names, Affiliations and Email IDs
    • Abstract,
    • Keywords,
    • Body text: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion
    • Acknowledgement, if applicable and
    • References

    Ethics for authors

    When submitting a new abstract / draft paper, it is expected to follow the guidelines as listed below,
    • An abstract / paper describing essentially the same research have not been submitted to several journals to avoid multiple or redundant publication
    • The paper is original; all the work and wording which was taken from others is appropriately cited
    • People identified as co-authors fully qualify for authorship (significant contribution to the work, development of the design and concept of the research, data processing and analysis, writing or revising the manuscript, accountability for all aspects of the work)
    • All the co-authors give their consent to submit the final version of the manuscript
    • The paper should be written in correct English.
    • All the parties contributing to a paper are mentioned in the acknowledgments (attraction of funding, general administrative support; writing assistance, technical editing, language editing, proofreading, etc.)
    • Sufficient detail and references are provided to permit others to replicate the experiments; raw data is available for checking if needed
    • Conflict of interest, if any, should be disclosed


    • Using any other author’s previously published content without permission, recognition, or acknowledgment is considered as plagiarism. The Engineering Advances 2024 do not allow any such plagiarized content. The authors need to ensure that they have written completely original works and wherever required, citations are placed appropriately.
    • Papers must have similarity less than 10 % excluding references (and less than 20 % including references). Self Plagiarism is not acceptable.
    • We will check all papers for similarity. If authors are checking the similarity in their university or institute, they must remove the paper from their depository before paper submission.
    It is considered that the submitting author has read and followed all ethical guidelines and plagiarism policy before paper submission.
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